Paper Reviewing

This page provides status and schedule information about the review process for papers submitted to CVPR 2011.

Please also see the additional information pages for Authors, Reviewers and Area Chairs. The Author page includes information about revised and clarified review policies.

Reviewer Website

Review Workflow

  • Before the paper deadline, Area Chairs were invited and accepted the role of working with the Program Chairs to provide best possible reviews to authors. A Review Committee was also formed.
  • Nov 11, 2010- Paper Deadline: NO Extensions will be given and any incomplete submission or a submission not meeting required criteria will be deleted.
  • Nov 18, 2010- Supplemental material deadline: Supplemental material must be uploaded by this date. No new algorithms or methods can be introduced in the supplemental materials.
  • Program chairs have assigned papers to area chairs.
    The area chairs are divided into four panels of about equal sizes. Each area chair is also paired with a "buddy". Papers are assigned to each area chair such that these papers have no conflict with his/her "buddy" or panel. The buddy/panel system is designed to allow each area chair to safely discuss papers with his/her "buddy" or, if necessary, any panel colleague.   
  • Area chairs recommend at least 5 reviewers for each paper assigned to them. For each paper, there can be no more than two suggested reviewers from the same organization.
  • Program chairs work with area chairs to ensure reviewers are selected from the area chairs' lists of suggested reviewers.
  • Each paper is assigned to 3 reviewers based on area chair recommendations, conflict information, and quotas.
  • Area Chairs start checking on the reviews of their assigned papers.
  • Jan 16,2011- Reviews are DUE: Area chairs are expected to shepherd papers closely. They are expected to monitor the reviews and contact individual reviewers (anonymously through CMT) for clarification if necessary. They are also expected to initiate anonymized discussions in cases where scores are highly divergent (max - min > 2 levels). Once the reviews are finalized, area chairs are asked to rate each review for each paper.   
  • Initial Reviews to Authors: Reviews are made known to authors.   
  • Jan 28, 2011- Rebuttal Due: Authors can submit rebuttals if they so desire (not required). There is a limit of 4000 characters. Authors can withdraw papers from further consideration by deleting the paper from their console.
  • Prior to the area chair meeting, each area chair writes consolidation reports in consultation with his/her "buddy", and prepares list of papers that need additional consideration, discussion, and/or AC reviews at the AC meeting.   
  • Feb 12 & 13, 2011- Area Chairs Meeting: During the area chair meeting there will be "buddy" and panel meetings to make final decisions on papers.
  • Feb 18, 2011- Final decision to authors: Decisions are made known to authors after the area chair meeting and before the ECCV 2011 deadline.
  • Jun 21-23, 2011- Main Conference

Summary of certain features in the CMT submission/review site:

  1. In addition to domain conflict and subject areas, reviewers are also required to indicate type (researcher/faculty or graduate student). This allows the program chairs to specify different limits on papers to review based on reviewer type (researcher/faculty:12, graduate student:5).
  2. Reviewers can download review forms (XML format), fill them off-line, and upload the completed forms.
  3. Area chairs can as needed request addition of new reviewers, not already in the Review Committee, when they are assigning reviewers.
  4. Area chairs can initiate anonymous discussions with reviewers via CMT's internal bboard. When an area chair posts a message in CMT, CMT notifies the reviewers to log in and respond to the message.